“The outdoor recreation industry in Michigan generates $26.6 billion and 232,000 jobs, annually – an economy that the Line 5 oil pipeline threatens to destroy. We are in the business to preserve and protect everyone’s access to clean, freshwater. Risking this industry and the Great Lakes shoreline for a nearly 70-year-old pipeline pumping 23 million gallons of oil every day is reckless, economically short-sighted, and not in Michigan’s public interest. This is not an anti-oil issue; it’s about building sustainable economies and communities.” 

– Nicole Granados, Chicago Environmental Coordinator of Patagonia

Supporting Projects

Great Lakes, Bad Lines

When you really love a place, you do what you can to protect it. For us, it was to make a film, to tell the Line 5 story through a lens of beauty and adventure. Our hope is to remind those of you who also love these amazing waters, why you love them, and provide you with easy ways to support the decommissioning of Line 5.

– Paul Hendricks, Patagonia

In the News

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