Eric Karns, Elk Brewing Company

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“Michigan, as one of only three peninsula states in the United States, has a heavy reliance on the fresh water provided by The Great Lakes. As the Central HUB of the Great Lakes, we in Michigan have a natural responsibility to make sure we do everything possible to help maintain the purity and integrity of this water. We utilize this water in our everyday lives; be it for brewing, agriculture, everyday consumption etc. Making sure our pipelines and irrigation channels remain properly taken care and contaminant free is immensely important. As our most influential resource, anything that has the potential to compromise the water, has the potential to compromise the lives of anyone and anything that has any dependence on the Great lakes. As the most important building block of our agricultural industry, beer, and of life itself, allowing the Line 5 Pipeline is an enormous risk to not only us in Michigan, but anyone who has access and need of this water. This pipeline should not be allowed the potential for even the smallest of accidents, because in doing so, we take our own lives in our hands.” – Eric Karns, Founder and Owner of Elk Brewing