Richard Bergmann, Lake Charlevoix Brewing Co.


“When I started the Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company, it was the Great Lakes that made it all possible. We draw our water from the Charlevoix municipal system, sourced directly from Lake Michigan. Water of the highest quality is what makes it possible for us to succeed and employ 65 people, while helping build the economic base for Charlevoix and the surrounding area.” —Richard Bergmann, owner, Lake Charlevoix Brewing Co.

Supporting Projects

Tap 5 for Line 5

Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company has dedicated their Tap 5 for Line 5. Customers that select a beer from the 5th tap will receive information about Line 5 and ways to engage in this issue. Lake Charlevoix Brewing Co. is also dedicating some proceeds from every beer sold to the Great Lakes Business Network.


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