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Since 2017, the Great Lakes Business Network has brought together business owners who are committed to the protection of the Great Lakes. The GLBN works with members to elevate and leverage support around critical Great Lakes issues through a wide variety of advocacy avenues.
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GLBN Member Testimonial

Stewardship, protection, and preservation of our region’s natural resources are of paramount importance to my business. I am so grateful that the GLBN presents the opportunity to represent myself and my priorities to our elected officials in a capacity beyond that of an individual constituent.

Elizabeth McNicholas
Principal of McNicholas Architects
GLBN Member Testimonial

As businessmen, we must expect our public officials to do the work we elected them to do—and their No. 1 job is to protect Michigan’s invaluable natural resources. A spill in Lake Michigan would be catastrophic for my business and to thousands of others who depend on the tourists that come north to enjoy our pristine waters and beaches

Bob Sutherland
President of Cherry Republic
GLBN Member Testimonial

Clean, pure water is at the essence of our beer and we treasure being so connected to the Great Lakes. An oil spill in our beautiful lakes would be devastating. I strongly support decommissioning Line 5 at the Straits of Mackinac.

Kris Spaulding
Co-founder of Brewery Vivant    
GLBN Member Testimonial

The Great Lakes are a natural wonder that enrich and sustain millions. At Half Acre, Lake Michigan is the foundation of what we do. Our creative and economic vitality depend on its health, and defending it is our collective responsibility.

Gabriel Magliaro
Founder, Half Acre Beer Co., Chicago, IL
GLBN Member Testimonial

At the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, we advocate for a robust, well-rounded economy that values the natural environment and the Great Lakes. Being a member of the GLBN allows us to work alongside regional business owners to uplift solutions that protect the Great Lakes and the regional economy.

John Mueller
Owner of Keweenaw Mountain Lodge
GLBN Member Testimonial

As a Michigan based business, we are centrally located within our most precious resource, the Great Lakes. An ecological disaster from Line 5 is not an if, but a matter of when. Protecting the Great Lakes is our priority, and GLBN membership provides businesses’ a valuable tool- a collective voice to our elected officials, with greater impact.

Lisa Radowski
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