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Since 2017, the Great Lakes Business Network has engaged members and educated the public by addressing some of the most pressing threats to the Great Lakes. Learn more about GLBN’s current issue areas below

Pipeline 5

Built in 1953, and operating more than 20 years past its expected life, Line 5 threatens 20% of the world's fresh surface water. GLBN supports the shutdown and decommissioning of Line 5 to prevent a catastrophic oil spill in the Great Lakes which would devastate our regional economy.

Great Lakes Restoration & Protection

In coordination with partners across the region, GLBN protects the waters that sustain our communities, businesses, and way of life. Focusing on microplastics, harmful algal blooms, and invasive species, GLBN works to advance equitable restoration, revitalization, and resiliency.

Clean Energy

GLBN advocates for a clean energy future that advances equitable solutions and provides long-term benefits to the local economy. By supporting policies at the state and federal level, GLBN uplifts the advancement of renewable energy to meet key climate goals.

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