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The climate crisis is happening right now

Continued use of fossil fuels is worsening the impact of climate change on the Great Lakes region. Communities continue to experience significant heat waves, severe flooding events, and more violent storms. While the burning of dirty fossil fuels provided major cities across the Great Lakes Region with the power they needed to grow, that growth has come at considerable cost to our environment, climate, and public health. The climate is changing over the Great Lakes and is projected to change even more. The projected global average temperatures are expected to rise an additional 2.7°F to 7.2°F if greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels in energy and transportation systems continue to rise over the 21st century.

Fortunately, there are now clean energy solutions that allow us to meet our energy needs, and eliminate the pollution from fossil fuels. Thanks to many years of research and innovation solar and wind energy are now among the most affordable sources of energy available.
Solving the Issue

Advancing Clean Energy Solutions

GLBN supports a just transition towards a local, clean energy economy that is equitable, accessible, and locally beneficial. Supporting policies at the municipal, state and federal level GLBN helps advance many different aspects of the transition, including encouraging energy efficiency, promoting renewable energy projects and policies, and economic incentives for clean energy. The Great Lakes region is primed to be a leader on renewable energy, creating new jobs and mitigating climate change.

Climate action in Motion

  • Solar energy costs have dropped 90% over the last decade. (Source)
  • 6 out of the 8 Great Lake state have climate action plans
  • The clean energy job sector is adding jobs 50% faster than the Midwest’s overall economy (Source)

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