About GLBN

The mission of the GLBN is to create an inclusive and influential business network that advocates for thriving ecosystems, economies, and communities, in the Great Lakes Region. We envision a healthy thriving Great Lakes environment and economy fostered by a passionate and diverse business community. 

We are fact-based, non-partisan, and focused on pragmatic advocacy to help set the Great Lakes agenda. 


Current Focus Issues and position statements:

Straits of Mackinac Pipeline:

The Great Lakes Business Network understands that the 66-year-old Line 5 pipeline poses an immediate threat to our businesses, economy and way of life. Discussion of building a tunnel is a diversion from the key issues and simply kicks the can down the road. What we need are decision makers who take all necessary steps to quickly and efficiently decommission the Straits section of pipeline to protect our way of life. Independent studies have shown that Michigan is not dependent on Line 5 and that practical and immediate alternatives exist. Constructing a utility tunnel has not been properly vetted, would take significant time and resources to complete and should not be a factor in the decision to decommission the current pipeline as soon as possible.

Harmful Algal Blooms:

The Great Lakes Business Network is currently working for/towards a regional commitment and coordinated actions to restore Lake Erie and prevent harmful algal blooms. We advocate for results-oriented actions that ensure progress towards the 40% nutrient reduction target and believe a joint statement across jurisdictions can generate momentum towards a clean Lake Erie.

Clean Energy:

The Great Lakes Business Network will work to help advance a clean energy economy in the Great Lakes region that avoids major disruptions to energy use, is equitable and fair to all users, and has long-term benefits to the local communities.

The Great Lakes Business Network operates as a project of 501c3 organizations and, therefore, cannot make any candidate endorsement or provide assistance to any candidates, including – but not limited to – soliciting campaign contributions, endorsements or unfair advantage at GLBN-sponsored events.

The Great Lakes Business Network is supported by:

The National Wildlife Federation and Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities are the acting facilitators and fiscal agents for the Great Lakes Business Network.